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Dear visitors, the purpose of this policy is to ensure that all children and their companions spend their time in the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse in a pleasant and safe manner, in compliance with the provisions of this policy. By entering the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse, the Rules will come into force. By redeeming the ticket, adults and children visiting the play park or the playhouse, without any special action, acknowledge the provisions of these Rules and undertake to comply fully with them. Please read the Policy before entering and then have fun observing and complying with it. Thank you for your understanding in advance! 

The ticket redeemed at the reception entitles you to one entry, which can be used during the opening hours on the given day and cannot be transferred to another person. 

The elements of the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse can only be used for their intended purpose.

Please note that children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

If in doubt as to the intended use of the game, please contact the staff of the playground for assistance. If you notice a malfunction or damage, please report it to the playground team. 

Parents and guardians are financially liable for any damage resulting from improper use or intentional damage to the equipment of the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse. 

It is FORBIDDEN to enter the Maya Jungle Playhouse with shoes or other street footwear. The use of socks in the playhouse is necessary and obligatory for both children and adults due to hygiene and accident prevention considerations! It is not possible to use changing shoes. 

Strollers cannot be brought in the Maya Jungle Playhouse. 

In the play park, animators supervise the children, however, the child can only be left there in his/her parents’ presence or without them for the responsibility of the parents. 

In the Maya Play Park and Maya Jungle Playhouse, children and adults using play items are required to take care of their own and other children and adults’ physical safety. 

Food and drink are not allowed in the Maya Play Park and Maya Jungle Playhouse. 

It is forbidden to bring necklaces and other injurious jewellery or sharp or pointed objects into the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse. Glasses, jewellery, or any pointed object may be worn at your own risk. 

In the event of damage and deficiencies in items brought into the Maya Play Park and Maya Jungle Playhouse area, the playground expressly excludes its liability. 

Requests or instructions from the Maya Playground and Maya Jungle Playhouse team must be followed in all cases. A person who does not comply with the Rules of the policy can be banned from the playground, so in case of banning, the person concerned is obliged to leave the playground area after the prompt and the playground will not refund the price of the redeemed ticket! 

Only healthy adults and children can enter the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse, so please do not visit our playground if you are ill, or if your child or you are recovering. 

Smoking is prohibited in the entire Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse, even in the open air! Please only smoke in a designated area outside the playground! 

By entering the Maya Play Park and the Maya Jungle Playhouse - especially during an event - they give their consent to the work of our photographic colleagues, and possibly to the use of photos and videos taken of them for advertising purposes. 

Please be aware of cleanness! In the playground, as in the whole of Avalon Park, we have placed selective waste bins because we want the children who visit us to become adults who think responsibly about nature and our environment from an early age, for which we want to set a good example. Please use these waste bins!