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The Avalon Resort & SPA Received Another International Award at the World Luxury Hotel Awards!

Miskolctapolca, 07.12.2017 – The Avalon Resort & SPA has received another international recognition! This time, the hotel of Avalon Park won gold medals in three categories at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, proving its excellence on a global, regional, continental and country level. The Avalon Resort & SPA was the winner of the “Luxury Spa Resort”, the “Luxury Family Resort” and the “Luxury Theme Park Resort” categories.

The Avalon Resort & SPA Received Three International Recognitions at the International Hotel Awards Ceremony!

Miskolctapolca, 30.10.2017 – The long list of recognitions received by the Avalon Resort & SPA has been further extended with three new international prizes. In addition to the “Best Resort Hotel” and the “Best Large Hotel” recognitions, the hotel of Avalon Park received the internationally recognized 5-star classification at the International Hotel Awards.

The Avalon Resort & SPA Has Won Awards in Two Categories at the 2017 Gastro Design Competition!

Budapest, 11.10.2017 – It is the fourth time prestigious awards have been presented at the 2017 prize-giving event of the Gastro Design Award organised by the Turizmus Trend (Tourism Trend) and the Vendég & Hotel (Guest & Hotel) professional magazines. This year, Avalon Park entered the competition with its hotel section and won recognitions in two interior design categories. The Avalon Resort & SPA received a bronze and a gold medal. 

The Avalon Resort & SPA Is the Best Business Hotel in the Country!

Budapest, 5th July, 2017 – It is the seventh time the Business Excellence award has been granted at a ceremonial prize-giving reception. The award has been established to choose the best service providers in tourism with the active participation of business travellers. Based on the opinion of travellers, the Avalon Resort & SPA, i.e. the luxury hotel of Avalon Park, is the best business hotel in the country in 2017.

The Avalon Resort & SPA Is the “Wellness Hotel of the Year”!

Budapest, 10th May, 2017 – The Utazó (Traveller) magazine has surveyed its readers and the representatives of the profession for more than ten years now on the best tourism service providers of the previous year. The magazine has announced its “Traveller’s Top List” opinion poll again this year. The Avalon Resort & SPA of Miskolctapolca, which celebrated its first birthday not long ago, won the “Wellness Hotel of the Year” award.

Compass 2017 Tourism Communication Award

By announcing its competition for the 12th time, the Turizmus Trend/Vendég & Hotel’s (Tourism Trend/Guest & Hotel) aim is to recognise the best tourism communication solutions used last year. The Resort & SPA was found to be the best in the category of “Hotel Publications”!

“Best of Budapest & Hungary – Best NEW 5 Star Hotel” Award

The Avalon Resort & SPA, which will be one year old in May, received the “Best of Budapest & Hungary – Best NEW 5 Star Hotel” award at the 24th Best of Budapest & Hungary Prize Giving Gala on 25th March. The ceremonial gala, held at the Budapest Marriott Hotel this year, is organized by the Budapest Week Publishing House every spring to award the most excellent restaurants, hotels and other service providers. 

Professional Award of 2016, the leading domestic accommodation booking portal awarded the most outstanding players of Hungarian tourism for the fourth time in Budapest on 1st December. At the “Accommodation of the Year” 2016 competition, based on the opinion of the professional jury and the assessment of the guests, the Avalon Resort & SPA won the professional first prize in its category. 

Gault & Millau Recognition 2016

Every year, Gault & Millau prepares a list of the most popular catering establishments and hotels in Hungary on the basis of independent assessments. The Avalon Resort & SPA, which opened its doors in May 2016, made it to the TOP 10 of the best Hungarian hotels already in the year of its opening, together with highly prestigious and renowned hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel, the Kempinski Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Based on an authentic and internationally recognized comparative assessment, the Avalon Resort was classified among hotels satisfying the highest level of luxury demands. What’s more, we are the only hotel in the eastern part of Hungary which received such a recognition. 

Gastro Design Award 2016

It was the third time that the best restaurants of Hungary had appeared at the prize-giving ceremony of the Gastro Design 2016 award. The Avalon Ristorante won a golden medal in the category of Catering Equipment and Interior Design – Hotels and also received the Guest & Hotel special prize because the jury found the application of our restaurant to be the best. 

For the Tourism of Miskolc Award 2016

The “For the Tourism of Miskolc” Award was presented to Avalon Park on 11th May, on the Day of the City of Miskolc. The family entertainment and adventure centre built in Miskolctapolca, in the heart of the Bükk Mountains was less than one year old at the time, following its opening on 14th June, 2016. The award was given in recognition of an investment project which resulted in the building of a complex tourist attraction and a key tourism establishment of the region and the surrounding countries. 

Greenovation Grand Prize 2016

Professional Publishing Hungary announced the Greenovation Grand Prize in 2016 as well, a competition awarding environmentally-conscious corporate activities. The Avalon Park of Miskolctapolca was found worthy of this honour in the category of tourism.

Tourist Attraction of the Year” 2015, the leading accommodation booking portal in Hungary, presented the most outstanding quality awards in Hungarian tourism for the second time in 2015 in Budapest. The Avalon Park of Miskolctapolca won the Tourist Attraction of the Year Award, an award presented in this new category for the first time this year.

Gastro Design Award 2015

When they first announced this competition, the Turizmus Trend / Vendég & Hotel (Tourism Trend / Guest & Hotel) professional magazine’s aim was to find the best interior decoration design, the most creative catering communication and the best branding strategy among the catering establishments of Hungary’s restaurants, coffee houses, bars, beer gardens, country inns and hotels. Sörkert won the third place in the category of catering accessories at the competition.