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The following rules must be kept by all competitors. For the competitors' safety and in the interest of fair play, these rules apply to everyone:



Single seat go-karts can only be used by visitors who are in their 14th years of age (who is in 14th year at 1st January of the current year) and 140 cm in height. ln every case there is need to show the persona! identity card. Before the heats, a liability declaration farm must be signed. Two-seater go-karts may only be used by children over 6 years of age with their supervisor over 18 years of age!



Competitors must always wear a special helmet designed tor this purpose, which can only be taken ott in the pit. When stopping for any reason during racing because of an accident or a technical error, competitors must indicate it by raising their hand. Until instructed to do so by the track marshal, it is prohibited and dangerous to get out of the vehicle. The instructions of the track marshal must be followed at all times. It is prohibited for competitors to drive in the direction opposite to the indicated one.

In the case of a breakdown during racing, competitors must move to the non-used edge of the circuit. It is prohibited for competitors to push their kart. It is compulsory to wait for the instructions and help of the track marshals.

Either side (left or right side) of the circuit can be used during the race or heat tor overtaking. No deliberate contact with another kart is allowed during racing and it is prohibited to wilfully push another competitor ott the track, behave aggressively, or intentionally cause any other kind of dangerous situation. lt is also prohibited to hinder other drivers left significantly behind by a lap, or until they have reached the racing speed.

Persons under the influence ot any medicine or medication having an adverse ettect on driving, or under the influence of alcohol or narcotic, are not allowed to use the karts.

The operator of the circuit shall not undertake any liability far the loss of, or damage to, any valuables taken to the circuit. No persons other than the competitors can be present in the circuit and it is strictly prohibited to enter there.

Competitors can use the circuit at their own risk. Maximum 16 karts can be on the circuit at any one time.

At the kart track smoking is forbidden.

Non-compliance with the above rules may result in disqualification from the competition or the heat, and in the case of a serious breach of the rules, the operator may even warn ott the driver from the heat.


Go-kart track rules:


Getting off the kart while on the track is prohibited

Taking the helmet off while on the track is prohibited

Wearing a head sock under the helmet is compulsory

ln case of technical or other problems while on the track inform the staff by raising your hand

The pedal on the right is the accelerator and the one on the left is the brake. Pressing both of them at the same time is PROHIBITED

Empty your pockets and place your persona! belongings in the locker at the reception. Taking any loose items on the track is prohibited

No food or beverages are allowed in the garage or on the pit lane

No driving under the influence of alcohol

Long hair ladies must tie back or arrange their hair under the head sock since it poses a risk of accident.

The track ends at the white line, do not drive onto the kerb

Wearing closed-toed shoes is recommended


Flag signal:

Yellow flag:

Caution. Accident or technical problem on the track, you must slow down.

Blue flag:

Passing Let the faster driver pass you by.

Chequered flag:

Finish line. Race is over, take the pit lane.