Teqball - Avalonpark


Guests of Avalon Park can try a unique game new to Hungary, and in fact, the whole world – Teqball.

Teqball is a new football-based sporting device and also a new form of sport, which is perfectly suitable for both football players and amateur sports enthusiasts to enhance their technical knowledge, concentration skills and stamina as well as providing an entertaining and exciting pastime.

Teqball can be played with normal footballs, however it is officially played and recommended for a size 5 ball. The basic rules include the following:

  • Balls must be moved to the opponent’s side of the pitch by touching the ball 1, 2 or 3 times at the most!
  • It is forbidden to touch the opponent or the device!
  • It is forbidden to touch the ball repeatedly with the same body part!

  • During a single rally, the ball may only be touched twice with the same body part (not counting serves)

Teqball can be played by two players (singles), four players (doubles) or more (rotated play known from table tennis). In doubles play, the ball must be passed to the other team member before moving it to the other side of the pitch, yet a total of three touches are allowed for the two players of a single team.

Table rental fee: 2,000 HUF/hour, tickets are available at the park reception desk. We provide balls for the game.

Detailed rules are posted on the sign next to the pitch and can be viewed with a QR code reader.