Rules of conduct - Avalonpark

Rules of conduct

  • The observance of the following rules is obligatory and the track rules and rules of conduct extend to everyone for the sake of the safety of the racers and the fairness of the sport.
  • Single seat go-karts can only be used by visitors over 14 years of age and 130 cm in height – both conditions must be fulfilled! 14-year-old children must present a personal identification card to verify their age. In all cases, the statement of liability must be signed by a supervisor over 18 years of age. Two-seater go-karts may only be used by children over 6 years of age with their supervisor over 18 years of age!
  • Racers must wear specially designed crash helmets in all cases, which can only be removed in the pit-lane. If the driver is forced to stop during the race due to an accident or technical failure, they must raise their hand to signify the problem. Until the track assistant signals to them to get out of the go-kart, it is highly dangerous and forbidden for them to vacate the vehicle. The instructions of the track assistant must be obeyed in all cases. Racers are forbidden to head in the opposite direction of the course.
  • In the case of malfunctions during the race, drivers must move to the non-frequented edge of the track. Under no circumstances may racers push the go-kart on the track. They must wait for the instructions and orders of the track assistants.
  • During the race, go-karts may be passed from both the right and the left sides. Intentional collisions are forbidden on the track, including forcing the other racer to the side or any other aggressive behavior and intentional endangering of fellow racers. Furthermore, it is prohibited to significantly hinder the other racer when being lapped, and one racer may not obstruct the other until they achieve their race tempo.
  • The non-observance of the above-listed rules may result in exclusion from the competition or race and in the case of major transgressions, the operator may ban the racer from the track.
  • Individuals under the influence of any substance/medication which impedes driving, as well as alcohol and drugs are forbidden to use the go-karts.
  • The operator of the track assumes no responsibility for the loss or damages to valuables brought to the track. All individuals apart from the racers are strictly forbidden from residing in the go-kart track and are strictly forbidden to enter it.
  • The track may only be used at the visitors’ own responsibility. A statement of liability must be signed prior to races, which must be signed by a supervisor or parent for visitors under 18 years of age. Go-karts may only be used over 130 cm of height. No more than 16 go-karts may use the track simultaneously.
  • Two-seater go-karts may only be used by children over 6 years of age with their supervisor over 18 years of age!
  • Smoking is prohibited in all parts of the track.

Flag signals:

  • Racers must adhere to the flag signals described below and act according to the color of the flag.
  • Blue flag: we use the blue flag to indicate that a faster racer is approaching behind you. In this case, you must move to the side and let the car go by so you could continue at your own pace.
  • Yellow flag: we use the yellow flag to indicate some sort of danger or accident on the track. In all such cases, you must decrease your speed and overtaking others is prohibited except, of course, if you are passing a stranded vehicle.
  • Black and white checkered flag: signals the final lap of the race.